Purbeck Stone Copings & Dressed Quoins

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Cock & Hen Cappings / Copings - choose from Traditional or Castle

The term “Cock and Hen” for cappings and copings (sometimes also referred to as "Buck and Doe") relates to the method of alternating vertical and horizontal stones on the top course of a wall. 

Product code: LQ 5129


Quoin stones are traditionally used on the corners and openings of buildings and walls; they provide decorative detail, structural strength, and weather protection. Natural stone quoins can be used to complement brick, rendered and stone structures. 

Purbeck Dressed Quoins

 Product code: LQ 5130
 Purbeck Sawn & Rubbed Quoins

 Product code: LQ 5152
Purbeck Cock & Hen Copings
Purbeck Copings and Quoins at Lewis Quarries
Purbeck Stone Dressed Quoins
Purbeck Stone Copings & Dressed Quoins
Purbeck Stone Copings & Dressed Quoins